Saturday, December 7, 2013

Some new and old photos

Bitterly cold today -- below -30C with the wind chill.  Just braved the insane stores to do some Christmas shopping. Thought I'd warm up updating the blog, before heading out again to hit the gym.  Not much news to report on the bike per se, but I have a few photos to share.
Not sure if I've ever posted this before.  Dug it out of an old file from one of the trackday photographers.  During a race a few years ago.  Kinda neat as it gives a sense of the entry into turn 1.  I'm likely not leading at this point -- Doug Martens has probably scampered off on his Ducati by this point.  That green KTM fairing was a bugger to mount, and subsequently got destroyed in a crash.  Sure made the bike look unique, however!

These next 2 pics of course aren't me or my bike...
 Mick had emailed me to ask about my oil cooler mod that I had tried on my ex.  Turns out Mick has had some considerable success at the IOM TT, having Australian star Cameron Donald race for his team.  He sent some photos as well -- you can see this is a pretty trick machine, with the usual mods -- swingarm, KMR bodywork, some serious front calipers, and the USD forks, likely from a zx10r or similar... although the Maxton sticker on the side shows that they have been tweaked somewhat!  Not sure of what kind of exhaust
system is being used...  Mick has been great in that we've exchanged a number of emails, with me providing him with a few details of the oil cooler mod, and me in turn peppering him with queries about airboxes, throttle bodies subframes, etc.  With just the ability to ask questions of an established TT team, running ex650s, I should be able to glean some valuable information!

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