Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Good Weekend

A successful first round.  The reffing went well, with only one spill on Saturday, and no crashes on Sunday.  First time I can remember the ambulance sitting idling all weekend, with no red flags.  Awesome.  Also got out on the bike, courtesy of Rod at TPL racing -- on Sunday am, he flagged the first trackday session so I could get out on the mono -- put in another 7-8 laps.  Bike ran well, if not a little cool, and I think it was jetted too rich in the main -- wouldn't seem to pull to redline or the rev limiter.  Had a 150 in, will go down to a 147.5 for the next try.  Bike handles pretty good -- still need some seat time, but got my knee down!  Pretty good considering the few laps I put in.  No, I haven't carved off a few inches yet, but its a good sign.  Gonna raise the forks up in the triples 5mm to get some more weight over the front.  Not used to the "mass centralization" -- feels like the front isn't planted.  The frame was origninally designed to work with tz250 forks, so perhaps these street forks, with more travel, are a bit too tall.
This is my final kick at the cat re tachometers.  This is a SunTach -- claims to work with any ignition system, any combo of cylinders, any machine -- even a deisel.  It appears to work as promised, with a shift light that can be set just under the 10000 rpm mark.  Nice, small, simple to hook up.  Had to add a hadlebar switch so it wouldn't constantly draw the battery voltage.  Trying to make it idiot-proof; hence the reminder.
Oil changed from the Motul petro-based break in oil to Torco semi-synthetic.  Might re-install the thermostat, as the bike peaked at 162 F after several laps on a hot day...

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Dry Run

Took the bike out to my top secret test facility this past Sunday, partly to ensure that everything still fit on the trailer as it should. It did. Only got one clean run at the strip as I was chasing some jetting gremlins. Was running without a filter, and the rear was throwing up a lot of small stones... was worried that the carb would swallow something. Got a filter sourced, so will do some more runs at Gimli to get the jetting finalized.

Scitsu tach was a bust -- wouldn't rev past 2000 rpm.  Dammit!  Will try something else, going sans tach for now...