Sunday, December 22, 2013

Triple Threat

No one makes aftermarket top triple clamps for the zx6r (2005-06).  On ebay I came across a billet set for 2007 and newer bikes.  How different can they be?  A bit actually, but nothing that a bit of machining can't fix.
The stock top triple is at the top of this pic.  I've already removed the ignition key tab; with the aftermarket one on the bottom, the ring will also be removed, but "less" of it, as there are two nice threaded posts on the underside... perfect for mounting brake reservoirs.  So just the blue colored area will be machined off.  A "top hat" spacer will need to be inserted, and it turns out I had a perfect match (in regards to ID measurement) in my box of bits... its the piece sitting on the drawings.  The new triple will have to be machined slightly larger regarding the center hole, and this new spacer pressed in with an interference fit.  Lastly, the new triple is too "thick" where the center stem slides through, so about 10mm will be machined off the bottom.  After that, it should all mount up quite nicely.  A bit of hassle, perhaps, but sometimes the fun is in the challenge. Off to see the machinist tomorrow.  Will keep you all posted.

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