Sunday, November 24, 2013

A few more mods...

Plan on installing this Koso race dash over the break/before round 1.  It is good enough for KTM to use on their moto3 bikes, so it should be good enough for me!
It combines a bunch of features I am looking for into 1 gauge... while the max rpm is a bit high (16,000 rpm!), it does have a nice large shift light that you can see on the upper RHS.  Just below it is a digital temperature gauge, which uses the same hardware I already have with my Koso water temp gauge.  It runs off of a separate 9volt battery, so that will make installation a bit simpler.  The only work will be finding the correct tach lead, but the manual should have the correct information on that.  This works out OK, as the now-redundant water temp gauge from the racebike will be used on the cx500 project I am also working on.  It will be awhile before I get my hands on this, but I have the whole winter to monkey with it!  When I get the new engine on the dyno, I will have some updated information on the peak hp RPM, and set the shift light accordingly.

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Chad Vance said...

When you installed this guage how did you handle the pink wire (speed sensor power)going to the speed sensor? The way I understand it is, power comes from the old stock unit down to the sensor. But how much power?

The only reason I am concerned with the speed sensor is, I plan to use a Bazzaz FI-QS.