Saturday, December 28, 2013

Parts for Sale

Need to clear out the garage somewhat  With my parts for winter projects coming in, I have some surplus items.  The following are currently on eBay...

I have my old muzzy/scorpion exhaust system for sale.  Headers are wrapped with exhaust wrap, and otherwise the system is in very good shape.  One would have to develop a way to hang the rear muffler strap somehow, but it wouldn't be impossible.  This kit, with a PCIII, got me 71hp.

Also switching out the front calipers, so my R6 stoppers are available as well.  These have been rebuilt, with new seals and rubber grease (after being ultrasonically cleaned), and come with a nearly new set of Speigler pads installed.

Click on the links, which should take you to the ebay auctions.

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