Saturday, November 27, 2010

tanks again

Supermono forks are on their way to traxxion dynamics for service.  Got the KR1S tank in the mail last week, and spent some time today doing peliminary fitting.  I think it is going to work OK -- need to take care of a few niggly things, like:

Need to determine the angle of the rear subframe - it does need to be jacked up somewhat, but I can't determine that angle until I have the wheels on -- need to set the seat height properly.

Petcock may not work in this location -- so I might have to move it somewhere else (slightly) -- it did come with the tank, so I'm currently soaking it in the same seafoam solution I used to clean up some carburetors.  Will be a long wait until Christmas before any major work is done on this bike -- forks and front wheel is waiting there for me.

In other news, it looks like the local club has decided to add an ultralightweight superbike class -- so the 'mono has a class to race in.  Will be a bit of an uphill battle against some of the bikes, but at least I don't have to line up against 1100cc Ducs and Buells!
Was able to source some Dunlop slicks for the 'mono -- the rare 155 width rears that were put on gp bikes.  Used, on order to see how well they work.  Got to be 100 times better than the Michelin street tires I have on there now!  My worry is that the 160/165 michelins slicks will be too wide.  Further, the stock, leaking, OEM rear 900ss shock is being replaced with a fox shock off of eBay.  A longer term project will be fitting a RG125 rear swingarm, in aluminum, to the mono -- hopefully I can get that to work sometime soon (perhaps not this year!)  That is coming from the UK, so it will get to me directly.  The stuff for the mz is waiting for me at Pop's place.

Monday, November 22, 2010


Just wanted to make a willing post plug to the folks at Traxxion Dynamics.  They rebuilt my EX650 rear shock, and did, by all accounts, an awesome job.  While it will be months before I can test it out, one of their techs actually raced an EX before, and I think did some work with a Moto-ST team that raced in the states.  They sent back the shock with a shock dyno chart (I have no idea what it means), and of course it is spotless.  Spring rate was correct for my weight, and some revalving magic was done, as well as a recommended ride height setting.

Their website is:

Give 'em a call.  Friendly folks for sure.  I plan to send my supermono forks to them as well.  I need stiffer springs to suit my weight, and Mike and the gang think they can help.  Worth it from my perspective.  Sort the handling first, then spend money on the engine.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


I was able to research and find out the proper bearings that would work to convert the R6 forks (including triples) into the MZ skorpion frame.  Ironically, the correct bearing set comes from a DRZ400!  The ID or bore of the bearing is 30mm top and bottom, and the OD of the cup is 52mm.  Not a common bearing, but a call to "All Balls" had me sorted out, and with the ordering information, I was able to get them from Transcanada within 2 days.  Took me about 15 minutes to check to see everything fit properly.
These are tapered roller bearings, and also come with dust seals.  I had already purchased a set of R6 forks and triples off of ebay for a good price.  Rather than go with more expensive USD forks, I went with traditional RSU forks, that still have preload, rebound, and compression adjustment.

While they look a bit rough, the upper triple is straight and intact -- perhaps a coat of paint will help things along.

Installed -- the frame will require a minor modification -- there is a little tap that is supposed to act as a steering stop -- however, it isn't long enough to work with the Yamaha forks, so it will have to have some material welded to it to work properly so there is some steering lock.

At the other end, the DRZ400SM rear swingarm has also arrived and been installed.  Need to find some axle sliders in order to set the rear wheel in place -- there are some on Ebay that also have provision for a slider/rear stand spool, which would solve two problems at once. 

Waiting on the KR1S tank to arrive to set the angle of the rear subframe.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

swingarm is on

The Versys swingarm is on, just waiting for the rebuilt penske to come back from Traxxion Dynamics.  Need to add a little clip to secure the brake hose, and then it is done.  Chain to follow.