Saturday, January 23, 2016

Sunday, January 17, 2016

More Paintwork

Front numbers applied.  Used the "wet method" by spraying down the background with water, and then squeegie-ing it out.  Came down nice and flat.  Noticed the graphics company I got it from forgot my halo over the #1...

A better pic lighting-wise.  This is after a few coats of clear.  Best use of a hockey stick, IMHO.  I tried something new on the black pinstripe -- instead of masking off the entire fairing, I used a sharpie marker.  Turned out OK, but it weeped a bit under the striping tape, and it also bled a bit when I applied the clear.  A good 50/50 job.  Just need to put the second coat of clear on the tail (over the numbers and graphics), and the racebike is DONE!

Saturday, January 9, 2016


Brought the tail and bellypan in from the cold to apply some decals...

Team logo in vinyl...

 Upper fairing waiting to cure.
Thinking a black pinstripe along the side of the green swoop a la the pic below.

Can you see the difference?  I don't see a difference...

Sunday, January 3, 2016

How fast was I going, officer?

In the purest sense of "Do the Ton" -- the mantra of Cafe Racers -- I hope to be able to pull 100mph on this thing when I'm done.  In order to determine my speed, I need a way to keep track somehow.  Hence my Koso Speedo.  The is the rubberize mount and hole for wiring in the alloy dash...

The magnetic pickup -- a m6 bolt as one of 6 attaching the rear rotor.

The little sensor doohickey/pickup that I've mounted to the DRZ400 rear caliper...

Which carries on up to the dash itself.  Pretty neat little thing that weighs nothing.  Simply a speedometer, clock, trip, and odometer.  That's it.  Even has a watch battery backup, wired into the hot lead from the keyed switch.  Simple!  I might redesign the dashboard in carbon-fibre, and move some of the bits around, to bring the gauge itself closer to the triple clamps.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Godzilla again

Having access to some other tools outside of my garage has allowed me to do some work on the zx7r.  A bandsaw helped cut this carbon "face" for the race fairing bracket.  I then drilled the appropriate holes and dremeled out a window for the wiring for the Koso GP gauge.  Tach, shift light, water temp, and neutral light.  I might wire in an oil pressure idiot light as well.

Rad overflow.  I used one of the coil mount brackets.  Again, access to a shear and brake helped me fab this lightweight piece out of aluminum.  The overflow bottle is an actual HRC part I ordered from the UK.

I cut a hole with a special tool I inherited from my pop (used for making instrument holes in aircraft)... then cut it in "half" creating a half-moon cutout.  The underside of the lid of the bottle tucks in there nicely (after bending it down).  I'll confirm routing of the overflow hose later (when it is warmer and the hose more pliable)!