Thursday, December 24, 2015

Exhaust and other details

The bike rebuild continues to progress.  Next up was mounting the exhaust (again).  I used new gaskets to ensure a good seal.  I'm considering getting them ceramic coated, but I'll see what color they turn once the bike has been run.  They are stainless, of course.

The muffler now mounts to the footpeg bracket, and you can see the R1 aluminum bracket I've used.  Red stuff isn't blood for once, some red locktite to hold it in place.  There is a rubber bushing at play here, which should help isolate the vibes.

Some small details -- this is a piece of coat hanger wire, repurposed to hold the rear brake hose away from the shock.  I used a "00" jeweler's tip and a bit of rod to seal off the "circles" ast each end, and then painted it black.

You know when you are a mechanic when you see the beauty in carburetors.

Gotta love the decal.  FCRs, baby!

The rear subframe; I've glued/siliconed the aluminum spacers in place, obviously the seat pan goes on top.  Cafe seat is currently being wet-sanded in prep for graphics and another coat of clear (along with the front fairing).

Saturday, December 19, 2015

forks are back...

And the bike is on stands.  Front wheel is now centered in the forks, and the caliper is centered on the rotor.  Should be nice to have it brake properly, and of course the new pads help.  I've brought the wheel inside to protect the integrity of the new tires.  -35 degree (celcius) weather is not nice on grippy rubber.

Here's the tail.  Not spaced properly yet, but it gives an idea of the color, as well has how much better this coat of clear went on.  Again, some youtube research has paid off.

I ground the key mount off the triple clamp, and then removed the anodizing.  Again, not a perfect, polished look, but that wasn't what I was going for.

Considering putting some race numbers on the back, and then clearing over it again.  Wet sand first, of course.  Silver numbers with a blue outline.  Need to think on it a bit more...

Sunday, December 13, 2015

The Rebuild

Frame and sundries back from the powdercoaters, so it's time to build!  Doing my best not to let it sit on the concrete floor and scratch the coating!

Steering stem bearings installed.  These went in fairly smoothly, with no aggro as the coater did a good job masking off the bearing pockets.

The lower frame caps were powdered with a textured effect just so it wasn't all gloss black.  The front engine mount and the subframe got the same treatment as these pieces will also be subject to some road abuse.

Rag in place to protect the underside of the frame during assembly.  Some dremel work was needed in a few bolt holes.  Prefer a snug fit than loose and rattling!

Swingarm in, shock mounted, and engine bolts still finger tight for now.  Factory milk crate in place.

Rear subframe in place, along with front engine mount/cradle.

Coil with new wire also mounted, and engine bolts/swingarm shaft snugged up.  Front end is still at the machinist's getting the wheel centered in the (now straight) triple clamps, and the front caliper mounted properly.