Saturday, December 15, 2007

Winter is here

With a vengeance! -30 degrees Celsius all week, too cold to work on anything in the garage... and I really didn't have much to do. I did take my TTR125 wheels off to transcanada, with home-made tire liners (info to be posted on the results) to get mounted. I have never had any luck mounting bike tires with tubes without pinching the tubes... so I'm gonna pay through the nose to get the experts to do it right. I will then re-stud the front, replace the missing kold kutters (ice screws) in the back, and head out to the ice, hopefully tomorrow. Up to a balmy -7C in the forecast, here's hoping. Doug might also come out, so I'll be sure to bring the camera for some fun! Will also get to see Wilson's tizzer up close (his new TZ250).I've been debating doing something with the CF front fender and rear hugger. Both are used, and the CF is starting to yellow a bit. It would be nice to have some CF highlights remaining on the parts, but the rear needs a bit of work. I like a monochromatic idea, and the idea of leaving the CF bare is almost too much show for me... and I have lotsa time and lotsa paint left... Perhaps a color-matched rear hugger, and a front fender with just a bit of CF showing... we'll see. Got in the neat Pantah-era alu belt covers off of eBay. Fit up perfectly, but am going to keep an eye out for what happens with the liberal "venting" in them -- the previous owner had to split them apart to fit the taller 900 heads. I'm just a bit nervous that a stone might get in there and cause a bit of havoc. Perhaps a screen or lexan guard? We'll have to wait. The bike is now officially parked, and any new bits will be installed in the spring. I did leave it in such a way that I'd have access to work on a licence plate mount -- this will have to be custom-made by yours truly, to try to get it out of the way as much as possible. The under tray has some conveniently-located mounting points, which I will integrate into the design.