Sunday, December 29, 2013

Getting nosey

Just a quick reminder to all my friends to be sure to use eye protection at all times! I zipped out to the garage, because I had a few minutes to spare, in order to start polishing a piece for one of my projects.  I put on some protective glasses (but not a full face shield) and went at the wire wheel.  Again, I was polishing, not grinding... however I guess a portion of the metal I was working was a bit weak, and a spot weld (not mine) gave way and up popped a nice sharp piece of aluminum, right in my face...

 You can kinda see the path the piece took as it ricocheted up my schnozz, hit the bridge of the safety glasses, and then kissed me on the forehead before flying up into the garage somewhere.  It looks worse than it was (bled like crazy, but the cuts were quite shallow), and my ever-patient wife (on our anniversary) took a photo prior to helping out with some basic first aid.  I can't afford to get any uglier, so I'd best use the full mask at all times!  And no, I can't seem to flip the photo upright, for some reason!

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