Wednesday, May 25, 2011

helmet is back

Here is my Bell Star helmet (snell 2010) as painted by Tagger Designs -- see the banner up top for the link.  A take on Ben Spies' Texas/USA/USAF star helmet from last season.
RCAF Roundel

Backside of helmet with race number in "varsity style", and you can see "JS" in Celtic script on the sides.

Lucky Stroke!

Cool Maple Leaf hilights, eh?

A quality job!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Subframe done

Finished the rear subframe yesterday.  Built it out of 4130, and it is (as usual, for me) stouter than it needs to be.  I based it on the dimensions of a RS125 rear subframe and tweaked it to work with the mito frame.  I overbuilt it a bit as it is:
1.  Carrying my lardy arse around
2.  Will be used to house the battery and as much of the electrics as I can manage
3.  Will be carrying a vibrating exhaust canister as well... aluminum would not last long!

Used a combination of 7/8" square, 5/8" round, and 3/4" round tubing.

Alloy plate is a pickup for the rear tank mount/hinge.  There is actually a rubber strap and hook at the front.

Note that the rear wheel, swingarm linkage, and rotor/cush have also arrived.  Excellent shape overall!

First race in 2weeks' time.  Obviously this won't be ready.  Temps decent today, plan on taking the two machines out to the test facility to try out the trailer mounting and of course, the bikes themselves.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Huskymito! Or Mitovarna

Here are some pics of the mito-husky project.  Pieceing it together via parts off of eBay, but some fabircation work is also underway.  In the process of building a rear subframe out of 4130, and in such a way that it is stout enough to be used as an exhaust mount as well.  Also want to hang the battery and electical off the back end, under the seat hump.
Tank is tailor-made to fit the head of a big single underneath it. 

Parts of the subframe only tacked of yet.  Need to play with the tank angle somewhat as well.  Might set it where it looks right, and then add spacers underneath if required.  Been taking it slowly, as there is no rush at this point.  Have decided to sleeve the engine case, rather than bore out the swingarm pivots.  That way I can use as much stock mito stuff as I can.