Friday, January 1, 2016

Godzilla again

Having access to some other tools outside of my garage has allowed me to do some work on the zx7r.  A bandsaw helped cut this carbon "face" for the race fairing bracket.  I then drilled the appropriate holes and dremeled out a window for the wiring for the Koso GP gauge.  Tach, shift light, water temp, and neutral light.  I might wire in an oil pressure idiot light as well.

Rad overflow.  I used one of the coil mount brackets.  Again, access to a shear and brake helped me fab this lightweight piece out of aluminum.  The overflow bottle is an actual HRC part I ordered from the UK.

I cut a hole with a special tool I inherited from my pop (used for making instrument holes in aircraft)... then cut it in "half" creating a half-moon cutout.  The underside of the lid of the bottle tucks in there nicely (after bending it down).  I'll confirm routing of the overflow hose later (when it is warmer and the hose more pliable)!

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