Sunday, January 17, 2016

More Paintwork

Front numbers applied.  Used the "wet method" by spraying down the background with water, and then squeegie-ing it out.  Came down nice and flat.  Noticed the graphics company I got it from forgot my halo over the #1...

A better pic lighting-wise.  This is after a few coats of clear.  Best use of a hockey stick, IMHO.  I tried something new on the black pinstripe -- instead of masking off the entire fairing, I used a sharpie marker.  Turned out OK, but it weeped a bit under the striping tape, and it also bled a bit when I applied the clear.  A good 50/50 job.  Just need to put the second coat of clear on the tail (over the numbers and graphics), and the racebike is DONE!

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