Sunday, January 3, 2016

How fast was I going, officer?

In the purest sense of "Do the Ton" -- the mantra of Cafe Racers -- I hope to be able to pull 100mph on this thing when I'm done.  In order to determine my speed, I need a way to keep track somehow.  Hence my Koso Speedo.  The is the rubberize mount and hole for wiring in the alloy dash...

The magnetic pickup -- a m6 bolt as one of 6 attaching the rear rotor.

The little sensor doohickey/pickup that I've mounted to the DRZ400 rear caliper...

Which carries on up to the dash itself.  Pretty neat little thing that weighs nothing.  Simply a speedometer, clock, trip, and odometer.  That's it.  Even has a watch battery backup, wired into the hot lead from the keyed switch.  Simple!  I might redesign the dashboard in carbon-fibre, and move some of the bits around, to bring the gauge itself closer to the triple clamps.

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