Thursday, August 6, 2015

 Got the painting done.  After years of getting "decent" results with spraybomb primer, color, and a inexpensive 2-part clear, I struggled a bit with this one.  I think part of the problem was I was using a fast-hardening activator, and with the temps on the warm side, I got crazy orange peel with the first coat.  Knocked it down with some wet 600, and switched product for the 2nd coat.  Came out much better, but with a thinner final consistency, actually got some runs (minor) in the clear on the tank.  That's a first.  Anyway, the finish is nothing if not durable, and that's the main thing for a racebike.
 Still details to sort... waiting still for the carbs, and need some seat foam and a rear brake line.  Am also going to run a small cafe race fairing, a 250 BMW rennsport one from Boxer Cafe.  Should look pretty cool, I think.  The numberplate is all right, but some wind protection might help with top speed a bit.
 Been learning a lot about these XT engines.  There is an oil pump upgrade -- I bought a NOS one from an ebay seller from Canada, and just need the gear to go with.  David Lambeth from the UK has also been helpful with his suggestions.  He does offer a complete bullet-proof rebuild but the cost is staggering, and I'd need to factor in shipping a very heavy engine to the UK and back.  Not sure if I can justify this expense.  2000 thousand pounds (choke).  There are other options as well.  Part of me would like to do this work myself as the engine is simple enough.

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