Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Slow progress

Speedhut custom tach.  2 1/4" size, and I got to pick the color and font.  I've used one before, straightforward setup.  Hopefully I can get this to work on a bike without a battery, just using the 12v feed from the alternator.  On the stock bike, this feed powered the head and tailight, once the bike was running, so this should work the same...?

Projection Components adapter plate v 2.0 showed up this week.  Now the pegs are in a more reasonable position height-wise.  Can still be altered fore and aft.

Right side.  Note that I've had to come up with a rear brake master cylinder solution.  The thumb brake did not turn out as planned.  D'oh.  This should work fine, once a proper-length hose is fitted.

Side view of the rolling chassis and messy garage.  Wheel came back from Buchanon's lined up perfectly, and no chain rub with the 150 dunlop tire.  Carbs are still on back order.  Fluid on the floor of the garage was some brake fluid that leaked out of the thumb brake.  Tank and bellypan are currently in paint (as in, my home-grown spray bomb and clearcoat approach), and a new seat has been procured to stay true to the vintage look.  It needs to be modified to work with the subframe.  I am also going to be swapping out the flat numberplate with a BMW rennsport fairing.

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