Thursday, August 20, 2015

So some changes since the last post.  I did get the bike up and running, and took it for a few quick spins around the block.  A few things have become apparent:
1.  I've decided to make this a streetbike.  The zx7r is a perfect trackday hack, with improved suspension, lighter wheels, and enough power to keep me with the faster guys on the track... this supermono would be a rolling chicane, as well as an uncompetitive race machine in Canadian Thunder, even if I did throw a visa card at the engine.
2.  The bent fork I talked about in the video are disappointing.  It means another front end build (bearings, anyway), and re-fabbing the spacers for the wheel and the caliper.
3.  The old R1 16mm master started to weep at the bleed nipple.  I swapped it for an 18mm zx7r one I had lying around.  Bad move, brakes are wooden!  I've found another used R1 master in 16mm, and have ordered some replacement pads (the ones that came with the calipers are long overdue for replacement).  Hopefully this results in better braking performance.  The bike this caliper orignally came on, an Aprilia SXV, had a 17.5mm master, but those in the know all suggested swapping it out for a 16mm master.
4.  The Baja street kit is inbound.  I already have the headlight and horn, and have found some DOT tail lights and have a line on some turn signals.

The biggest issue is the vibration.  I suppose attaching a muffler to what is basically your arse, and then fitting that to a single cylinder bike is going to lead to some potential harmonic issues with the backside.  I need to conduct a bit of an experiment to see if the hindle exhaust mount location is the root of the problem... I'm gonna run the bike with it not attached, to see if the vibes are the issue.  If this is the source of the shaking, I've got a couple of solutions rolling around in my head.  One is a complete re-route of exhaust system to create an under-engine arrangement, and the other is to use a different muffler, and mount the can to the mainframe itself, and not the rear subframe.  I'll have to do some thinnin' on that one.

The under-engine arrangement would cost more in time and tubing to fab, but it would eliminate the vibration problem as well as the kickstart rubber melting on the link pipe.  My fab guy might want to hit me, considering all the hard work he did to create the exhaust.

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