Saturday, August 31, 2013

Stolen Pics

A few photos I have snagged from other MRA members...
At the awards presentation ceremony at the last round, on Saturday evening.  In typical club racer/privateer fashion, we were summoned to the presentation in the midst of me servicing my bike.  No mechanics or Dunlop truck to change tires for me.  I was midway spooning on a new rear tire for Sunday's racing.  So no nice Pilot, Racetech, or Speigler shirt... an old Oakley t-shirt that I had no problem getting dirty doing wrenching work at the track.  At least I was able to write down all the sponsors to thank!  Thanks to Cynthia of HFR for the photo!

This is a picture of 2013 Novice Thunderbike Champion and mechanic extraordinaire, Geoff Ives, in the foreground.  You can see me in one of my rare occasions of being in front of Glen.  I believe this was the first race of round 4.  I eventually got by Geoff after his jackrabbit start, but Glen also finished in front of me as well...

At least I can claim these photos as my own.  Better take some shots now, in case the pretty thing is thrown down the track at the last round of the season!

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