Saturday, August 24, 2013

Paint and Sprocket

The last week of holidays gave me the time to prep and paint the tank to match the rest of the bike.  A fairly easy process -- just used some 350 grit on the decals to remove them, and feathered that out to 400 on the rest of the tank.  This coat of clear went on far smoother than the fairings, but I think I might have been fractionally off on the mix -- after a few days, the clear still seems a bit "soft".... and I am out of clear.  I'll leave it as is and see how it holds up.  I've read on the interweb about how it is best to err on the side of extra hardner; well, I was basically dry on the hardner, so it is what it is.  I'll give it some more time to cure, install the gripster pads to the side of the tank, and what will be will be.

I'm always reminding the race school students to draw a track map and reflect on their riding; their shift points, turn in points, what gear they are using, etc.  As long as I have been coming to Gimli, I have always been thinking about this stuff.  The last 2 rounds made me realize that I was NOT needing to shift into 6th on the two straights.  Holding 5th into the over-rev didn't cost me any time, and saved 1 downshift on 2 places on the track.  With that in mind, I decided to experiment with a larger rear sprocket.
The idea of going up in my gearing (or down, depending on how you think about it) should (in theory) provide a few benefits.  The acceleration will obviously improve.  I'm looking forward to some improved starts.  Not that they are particularly bad, but I'll take any advantage since I am starting from row 2.  Hopefully this advantage will continue through the gears, and allow me to "pull' 6th gear on the two straights.  It will cost me another upshift and downshift, but if a higher top speed, combined with quicker acceleration is the result, lower lap times might be in the cards.  Of course one can go too low, but I can at least explore the theory.  The wheelbase will also be shortened up a bit, and that might also help with some quicker handling.  We shall see...

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