Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Headlong Progress

I tried once to put the cylinder on without a piston ring compressor tool, to no avail.  I ordered a simple one from Transcanada, and after it arrived, a quick stop at Princess Auto for a torque wrench saw me return home hoping for success.  Short of a spare set of hands, it took awhile, but I was able to seat the cylinder on the case, with the rings oriented in their right locations around the piston.  Job done!
For now, the cams, cam caps and guides are just put in loosely.  RLR racing sent me the Kent Cams specs for the new cams, which are adjustable.  With no experience on how to degree cams, I am going to leave it for someone else to do, incorporating the proper tools.  I'd love to "watch" it being done, if possible.  I've built a lot of engines which just had cam sprocket marks to orient the cams at TDC -- a KTM, a Suzuki engine, the Ducati 900ss engine (which had belts, of course!)  At this point, and error on my part, due to having no experience, would undo all the work and expense I have put into the engine so far.  When in doubt, chicken out.  I've got a line on a potential guru in Winnipeg that might be able to help me out.

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