Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Wheels have Arrived

As promised, the Carrozzeria wheels have shown up for the racebike.  As advertised, these are things of rotational beauty!  I test fitted the rear wheel, offering it up to the Versys swingarm.

The wheel fit perfectly!  The spacers used are "captured" in that they don't fall out and roll all over the garage when you line things up.  A great looking rim that is 5.5" in width, which will allow for a 180 rear tire.

As a bonus, the bolt pattern is "stock" Kawasaki, in that it works with zx6r/10r sprockets from about 2003 onwards.  That means, my Renthals will work with these wheels!  Bonus, indeed!

Even more good news!  The great crew at Carrozzeria also sent an ultralightweight rear rotor at no extra charge.  Check it out!  As you might imagine, using the exclamation! mark! is pretty easy today!!!

As I am still waiting on the front forks to come back from RaceTech, the front has yet to be test-mounted.  I also have a set of wavy zx6r discs that I hope will fit these rims.  When I pick those up, I will be sure to post more pics.  This picture turned out a bit blurry, sorry.

Even has a trick directional sticker to help mounting tires.

Based on what I have seen so far, these wheels are an awesome deal, considering many factors...

  • they are cheaper than Marvic and Marchesini, as well as Dymag.
  • From what I can see, they are on the only manufacturer of bespoke wheels for the ex650/er6.
  • It was fairly straightforward to order -- I indicated that the front and rear were from different models, but they had no problem sending me what I needed.
  • All the stock hardware fits -- rotors, sprockets, spacers, etc.  
  • If you are a supertwin/mintwin racer, you should really consider these wheels.  Many other color options are available, and they of course have a front rim to work with the stock ex650 forks (for minitwin racers)
  • Considering the pound/euro vs US dollar right now, British/Euro riders should really consider these wheels as an upgrade for their bikes.
I shudder to think of the hassle of retrofitting wheels from other machines onto my project.  I doubt anything would have fit as nice as these did... I envisioned the purchase price (when suitable wheels could be found), and then the hassle of machining the necessary spacers and etc. to make them work.  This is a bolt on affair!
Of course, the Level 2 sponsorship discount sweetened the deal considerably, but even at the list price, these ARE the only option, in my opinion.  Getting the rear rotor thrown in for free only added to the quality of these rims.
Factoring the weight saving of the hollow rear axle, and these wheels, the bike will likely be noticeably lighter on its feet come the spring.  I can't wait.
For now, the wheels will be stored downstairs out of the cold.  No sense mounting new race rubber and then letting them freeze outside!

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