Sunday, January 13, 2013

More Sponsorship News!

For 2013 (and beyond, likely!) Piston Broke Racing will be sporting Pilot Leathers.  As a part of their rider support program, I will be wearing a set of custom-made leathers -- Pilot will be constructing an "EVO" model 1-piece suit, made to my "oversquare" dimensions.  As a part of the process, the guys at Pilot have sent a first draft of their suit design.

Note the sponsor patches, and proper "Piston Broke Racing" logo.  I was able to list the names of PBR sponsors, and sent a jpeg of the race number as well as the PBR logo in a vector file.  While this is not the final version, it gives you a sense of what the set of skins will look like.  The process is quite simple, in that pilot has a measurement form, where someone can measure/reveal the awful truth about your actual body size, and this can be sent to pilot for them to construct.  A custom suit is more expensive, however not much more than a new, top of the line Spyke or Arlen Ness, and actually cheaper than a Kushitani suit.  Furthermore, sponsor patches and logos are included in the price.  If you are more "normally" proportioned, an off the rack suit is cheaper, and they also have "split sizing" available.  Since I am 5'8", 200 lbs, with a 29" inseam and a 45" chest, I am NOT "off the rack".  Using engine terminology, I am "oversquare" -- a short stroke with a larger bore!
I've asked the designers to use this suit design to compare, and try the PBR logo on the front, rather than the back.  Not sure how it will work with the zipper splitting the logo, however...  Obviously the 91 will have to be another color other than red.

If anyone is interested in getting a good deal on a top of the line Spyke Titanium suit in 48/58, I've posted it to the Wera forums here:

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