Wednesday, February 9, 2011

skins are in

A big UPS box showed up recently.  The ever-patient Kate signed for it and hauled it inside.  Luckily it is nice and light, because it only contained the upper and lower RS125 fairings in the newer body style.  Methinks this might require a new fairing stay, and definately a new screen. or AF1 are where these can be found -- the former a potential source, the latter a guaranteed one.  AF1 will charge more as their parts are new.

These seem to be decent quality -- note the kevlar reinforcement around the mounting areas.

The upper came with bolt-on winglets -- in order to deflect air away from your hands.  However, these have small gaps where they are bolted on, and so I think they might be aerodynamically "dirty".  They are easily removed for comparison sake.  What do you think?  The RHS (facing camera) has the winglet removed; the opposite still has it bolted on -- I can't see air flowing through that gap or over the smiles smoothly at all!
Of course, the most difficult part of the process will be putting it all away until next fall.  I've committed to leaving the supermono be this year in order to focus on the new carburetor, the front forks, the slick tires, and the LWGP class itself.  The bodywork and new seat confirguration, as well as the reingineered rear shock will have to wait!

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