Saturday, February 26, 2011

ex stuff

A few things have arrived specifically for the 650, as well as a gadget/toy which can work on both.  First up, a Cox radiator guard.  Radiators have been damage more and more of late, especially at gimli.  Considering the cost to replace, and the impossibility of a trackside repair, good insurance.  Held on with zip ties, mine needs some tweaking to work properly.

I also tracked down a superduke touring screen -- a pretty popular mod with the superduke race series in Europe.  Looks a bit funky, but it should be able to keep the breeze off of my face, somewhat.
Finally, I bought a Drift 170 sports video camera.  About the length of your hand, it comes with a pile of attachments, USB cables, a few mounting options, a 2Gb card, and some batteries.  Plan to mount it to the bike(s) to take some video of my adventures on the track.  Should be cool.  Only 2 months to the Mid-America trip, and WSBK rd 1 starts tommorow on the tube.  That being said, -47 degrees celcius with the windchill yesterday morning.  Yikes!

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