Sunday, February 6, 2011

All quiet

Not much going on at this end.  For the 650, a new rear hugger has gone on the versys swingarm, in order to keep the crud and crap from fouling up the penske shock.  Bought on eBay, came from Greece of all places.  Black for now, will likely paint it the lurid key lime green when I get a chance/when the weather improves.  Ranged between -41C and -1 in this past week alone.  No wonder our roads are so poor -- that can't be good for the concrete.  Back down to -20 this week. 
As for the mono, I've  modified the throttle cable -- basically shortened it, to work with the mono-size frame -- don't need the length that I used to have in it to fit on an mx-sized bike.  Actually not that hard to do, as long as you have the correct tools, a bit of knowledge, and the right parts.  Cable as a part of a kit I got from Venhill a few years ago, and motion pro sells cable ends you solder to the correct length.

Wow, that's exciting -- although if you've lived with mis-sized cables, I guess it is!
Regular solder and flux -- nipple is brass, and cable is... a different compound.  I tried this on a non-venhill cable in the past, and the solder wouldn't tin up, no matter how much flux I used.  Obviously the cable is a particular compound.
In other exciting news, I got a better fitting suit now that the teknic 48 was too large for me -- I was able to get a BKS in a size 46 for a good deal off of eBay.  A better quality suit by all accounts, and coming from a British company, you'd think they would know a bit about motorcycle suits.
I'm also sourcing parts for the mkII build of the supermono (see earlier posts) -- to that end, I got a 900ss shock for $20, and a used subframe and rs125 seat unit for a good deal off of the usgpru forum.  While the seat isn't the later model wasp-like design (what I currently have on the mono), it was in such nice shape and for such a great price I purchased it along with the subframe.
That's in excellent shape, less than 1/2 price of new. 
Subframe for rs125.

It's been repaired, but for $50, even if it works as the basis for a jig for another one, it'll come in handy.  Come to think of it, the owner is selling the frame and swingarm for really cheap prices as well....... NO!
And just to torment me with an idea of what you can do when you have access to a factory, excellent engines, a class to race it in, and the skills to execute, here are some pics of the factory KTM 690 supermonos a few employees threw together awhile ago...

Hmm.... mig welds?

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