Thursday, September 1, 2016

Nice Pipes!

Not the best pic, but you can see I've added an Akrapovic full system to the 'duke.  This was the full tilt titanium system that was sold as an aftermarket accessory and used on the EJC racing bikes.  A huge weight saving over the stock system, and there is less heat transferred to the bellypan by the removal of the catalytic converter, which like all catalytic converters, got very hot.

The exhaust note is great, low and rumbly, louder, but not offensively so.  As I already had the Power Commander, loaded with the "stock" map for the old system, I just downloaded a full system map once the exhaust was installed.  It runs well as is.  Likely more power could be found with a custom map, but a quote from the local/only dyno shop was $500.  Yikes.  Will have to save my pennies or simply make do as is.

I also installed a manual cam chain tensioner.  Others claimed it quieted the engine (the LC4 lump is noisier than most), whereas I didn't notice a difference.  On other bikes I've done (DOHC engines), it is quite obvious when the CCT  is running loose.  The single cam design of this engine meant I couldn't get it to "whine" noticeably (indicative of a too-tight camchain tensioner), nor could I get it to make the classic "loose camchain rattle".... it was just as loud as it always was.  I turned in the adjuster till it just made contact with the guide, and turned another 1/2 turn.  At least it won't fail like an automatic oil-driven one could.  With 3000 kms on the clock, it is less than 1/3 towards the first valve inspection interval -- at that time it is suggested that the rockers are checked, as well as the valve lash.  Others on forums simply say the LC4 is a noisy engine, wear ear plugs, and inspect the valves and rockers when you can, and ride the damn thing.  I'll try...

Hopefully some more street riding weather remains before the snow flies, along with one more track weekend in later Sept.  If I change out the coolant for water and safety-wire the bolt, the bike is race-prepped, not just safe for trackdays.  Should I take it out in a few Cdn Thunder races...?

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