Sunday, December 13, 2015

The Rebuild

Frame and sundries back from the powdercoaters, so it's time to build!  Doing my best not to let it sit on the concrete floor and scratch the coating!

Steering stem bearings installed.  These went in fairly smoothly, with no aggro as the coater did a good job masking off the bearing pockets.

The lower frame caps were powdered with a textured effect just so it wasn't all gloss black.  The front engine mount and the subframe got the same treatment as these pieces will also be subject to some road abuse.

Rag in place to protect the underside of the frame during assembly.  Some dremel work was needed in a few bolt holes.  Prefer a snug fit than loose and rattling!

Swingarm in, shock mounted, and engine bolts still finger tight for now.  Factory milk crate in place.

Rear subframe in place, along with front engine mount/cradle.

Coil with new wire also mounted, and engine bolts/swingarm shaft snugged up.  Front end is still at the machinist's getting the wheel centered in the (now straight) triple clamps, and the front caliper mounted properly.

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