Saturday, November 21, 2015

Cafe Mono News

Its taken awhile, as my tig-welding guru at IronKraft was busy with other projects.  However, he's reworked the exhaust on the CafeMono project, and I've now got it back in the garage.

The under-seat, vibration-prone version 1 has been replaced with hopefully a more comfortable option.  The first part of the work was around the header area, drastically changing the routing, but hopefully re-using the 2-1 junction that we started with.  For some reason, I can't flip this picture for the blog.

At the exit, a small megaphone muffler (yes it has some baffling) is used.  The mount is from an R1, and aluminum bracket with a rubber bushing and tophat spacer.  Should allow some movement and isolate the vibes somewhat.  The rubber bushing is also an individual piece, so it can be ordered separately if it wears out.  Yep, the exhaust fires right on to the delrin rearset bobbin.  We might have to switch that out for something made of metal.  Hiking the exhaust upwards would lead to more clearance problems under the engine.

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