Sunday, November 8, 2015

A bit more work

Got the front forks returned from Race Tech this week.  New proper weight springs, oil, seals, and bushings.  Should be good to go!

Also got a race tail from Squidskinz.  Its made with polyester resin, not epoxy, so it isn't as flexible as the sharkskinz fairings.  However, it didn't take me that long to fit -- only fabbing a few brackets for the rear mount in aluminum, and relocating the ECU, and it went on pretty well.  Also bought an undertail, so I've come up with a way to mount that fairly effectively with quick-release mounting pins.

You can also see the black pinstripe on the tank I added, and the whole lot has been clearcoated.  Lower bellypan fairing is currently being painted, then the tail, and then finally the upper.  I also got a set of vortex rearsets fairly cheaply, which seem far sturdier than the pro-tek ones I had, which I will keep as a spare set.
GPR damper mount on the triple.  I swapped out the nice oberon nut, as it will be covered up when the damper is installed.  Frando brake and clutch levers are also on, and everything clears everything... the kurvygirl resevoir mounts help here!  You can also see the absence of a keyed switch, replaced with the on/off switch on the left handlebar.  I also now need to shorten the throttle cable, and come up with some sort of choke cable solution.

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