Friday, April 3, 2015

Muffler in Place

The day before Easter the purolator guy showed up with a package for me.  A typical "knock-knock-ginger" approach.  Ring the doorbell, leave the box, and then bugger off.  Thankfully I was home at the time.  As I bought it from a Canadian seller, there were no import or duty fees -- nice -- and it got here in 3 days.  Even better was the price.  A titanium underseat muffler, from a CBR600, for $125 bucks.  Good deal.  Even better it had a 2" inlet, which was the same size as some stainless exhaust tubing I had leftover from another project.

Mounting it was fairly straightforward, although the strap is under considerable tension.  Makes sense, as it needs to hold the can securely.  I was able to fabricate a triangulated bracket and weld it to a crossmember on the subframe.  It did take two tries... remember, tack weld and check!
The muffler has a slight twist when viewed from the back.  I even noticed that the rivets on the titanium can do not line up perfectly.  Either way, it can't really be seen when mounted.  A wee twist when things get finalized for welding should take care of things.
Obviously missing a piece here.  Right now I am waiting for a 1 3/4" to 2" reducer (in stainless) to come via the mail... nothing was available in town.  I'll then haul the bike back to Brent, along with the raw materials, to finish the exhaust system.  I've even got some extra hindle muffler springs to connect everything together.

On the intake front, I couldn't justify spending over $600 on a set of race carbs.  I would still need to purchase filters on top of that, so I would be edging close to $800 all in.  I instead bought a set of ex250 carbs, a jet kit, a K&N pod filter for just over $200.  I might have missed out on 1-2 hp, but the difference can certainly be spent elsewhere!  Others have adapted the 250 carbs to work with the xt600 engine with a bit of jetting work, with some positive results.  As well, these carbs are from 2008, so basically newer than every other part on the engine!

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