Sunday, April 12, 2015


Carbs from a 2008 Kawasaki ex250 have been pressed into service.  Rather than spend over $600 on race carbs, other xt/tt600 riders have used these instead.  A ready-made jet kit is available, and will be my starting point.  I still might need to monkey around with pilot and main jets, but the needle is supposed to be correct.

K&N pod filter -- a 2-1 design.  Again, some considerable research to get the correct part number, and some sneaky ebaying had me avoid the "hot-rod" ex250 filter, and buy the identical one based on the part number.  The one listed specific for the 250 was listed at $85... the same one listed via part number (generic?) went for $42.  Everything slips right into place as you can see.  However, in order to allow more clearance for where I think the pipe will be going, I flipped it so it points up towards the tank slightly.

The opposite side.  Will need to make a custom throttle cable, and am waiting on a domino throttle from the UK.  Also has the adjustable idle control.  I have an idea to sort out the choke cable as well.  Need to get the clamps in for the filter and manifold, and then the reducer for the exhaust.  Will then truck it up to buddy  Brent to do some tig welding magic to connect all the pieces.

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