Sunday, December 28, 2014

Blegh! Sick!

On day 4 of the flu... perfect timing as it is my Christmas break.  Can't complain about the time off, but the timing of this bug could not be worse.  It's thrown a real wrench into my socializing plans.  So instead of sulking I'll post some pics.
R6 master cylinder -- if I am going to improve the braking of the big 7R, I should not be mixing and matching masters and calipers.  I've made that mistake, and most often the whole is never the sum of the parts.  The good news is, this is a brembo piece, made for Yamaha, so it should be quality.

Caliper adapters.  These are from an ebay seller based in Taiwan, but others have used these adapter with success.  I decided to take the plunge, again considering I already had some serviceable r6 calipers and good pads handy.

Another view.  The calipers appear to be perfectly centered on the disk, and as a bonus, the venhill braided lines I already have are the correct length.  Far too cold right now to bother bleeding up the brake system.

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