Sunday, December 14, 2014

A bit of work

The weather warmed up to a balmy +3 celcius this weekend, so it allowed me to do a few things on the bike.

Carbon dash mount for the Koso Gauge.  I used the box it came in to align the holes and cut out the square for the loom to plug in the back.  The Koso Gauge is so much smaller than the stocker that I need to cover up a large chunk of real estate.

This is the gauge mounted.  Nothing will be connected until the spring and things warm up, but I'm pretty sure I've got the wiring all sorted out.

Yoshimura axle adjusters for the 9R rear swingarm.

Will be upgrading the front brakes as well.  These are some R6 calipers I had lying around.  A strip and rebuild, along with an oem R6 master cylinder and some adapter brackets from eBay should work well.

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