Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Carbon fetish... I get it now.

I've read for years in magazines when an owner buys I piece of CF, that the obsession grows until as many parts as possible are made of the exotic cloth.  I get it now, as the pictures can show.
 In addition to my CF wrapped bellypan, I've successfully mounted a CF seat section, from an R6.  It was incredibly light, and also came with a removable undertail as well.  In order to fit things a bit cleaner, I had to come up with another solution for the rear shock resevoir.  Rooting through the old box of bits found an odd-sized fork clamp that was not being used, and a steel bracket that could be bolted to the steel subframe.  

This was a bit trickier in that all the stock mounts are "hidden".  There are 4 female wellnuts on the underside of the seat section.  I was able to use the rear two, and had to drill a hole for one forward mount that you can see just aft of the tank.  A bit of trimming to the front of the seat was also required to get the whole assembly forward to work with the stubby subframe.

The under tail.  I found my last 5 dzus fasteners salvaged from an old fairing and used those.  Fits together quite nicely.  The under tail piece itself is almost paper thin.  I had to cut it to suit my bike, and I was able to do so with scissors!

The plan is, of course, to leave it unpainted.  I need to get a number installed on the back top of the tail to make it compliant (although we use AMB transponders anyway).  Last step is the modified tank and cover.  Waiting on paint and clear... should be sometime in the next 2 weeks.  I'm doing it myself, so I need to coordinate some time with the painting at the shop at school.

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