Sunday, February 9, 2014

Once again, ahead of my time *** humour alert

This is somewhat old(ish) news, but it appears that Husqvarna is going moto3 racing.  As you can guess, it is a re-badged KTM... and this is not a new tactic, as Aprilia did it for years.  The Gileras and Derbis on the 2-stroke grid were all Aprilias under the decals.  As KTM have bought Husky, this makes some sense.

We all know they had no inkling to do so until they saw my Husky supermono from a few years back!  Its actually hard to tell the two apart.  Considering mine was a 625 and the moto3 is a 250, and they make about the same horsepower, should tell you something about the pace of development.  It was a fun build, but I don't miss it (much).

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