Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Piston Broke Racing sticking with Nexx for 2014

Nexx-USA sent out their annual call for sponsorship applications.  I was approved in 2013, and really liked the helmet I ordered from them -- at a sponsorship discount.  I was pleasantly surprised when my application for 2014 saw me raised to "Top Expert" status, which meant a gratis helmet from Nexx, as well as some swag -- T-shirt and hat.  Well, the Fedex man arrived today, and had a present for me.
 I gotta admit I am pretty thrilled.  Up until now, the support I have received from the sponsors listed to the right has been very generous -- cut rate deals and discounts on items every racer needs... some in excess of 40% off or more.  In this economy, that sort of help really makes a difference.  However, this is the first "free" stuff I have ever gotten as a part of a sponsorship package.  I can honestly say I wouldn't have pursued this unless I actually liked the product.  I think I said last year I have worn or raced in basically every helmet (I think) -- from AGV and Arai to Shoei and Suomy.  The Nexx product is as good or better than any I've tried in the past.  I think the shape fits my oval head particularly well, and it is incredibly light.  The visor change process is simple and straightforward.  While I haven't had the chance to test the crash-ability of the lid, I've got every confidence it will do its job.
The best part for me is that it fits snugly, but doesn't pinch anywhere.  In order to get a comfortable fit in other helmets, I've needed an XL, which usually led to a larger shell size, and even some slop in the fitment.  I simply don't experience this with the Nexx.  I had some choices in style and color, but I went with the XR1R style (same as last year's) in the "Champion green" motif.  The red and white of my current leather and bike is supplemented with a bit of green... an Italian theme, perhaps, but I needed a bit of Kawi green!  Even though we've still got at least 2 months of winter left up here in Canada, I can't wait.  Check out the Nexx link to the right.

Should have some carbon fibre updates shortly... it's looking pretty good so far!

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