Friday, January 24, 2014

Carbon Fibre Fun

So, I had a chance to trim the excess from the carbon fibre male piece I had made, and fitted it to the front of the tank.  It follows the stock profile of the tank, maintaining the curves of the section I cut off.

It actually fits quite snugly around the remaining piece, so some Velcro should suit at the rear of the CF piece, and an aluminum strap will lash down the front of the carbon section.

The finish isn't perfect, as the tank section I molded wasn't perfect itself.  If it were a show bike, I likely would have ensured the piece I was drawing the mold from was pristine.  As it was, it was still OK.  That looks like some sort of marring to the finish on the top of the tank but it is the fluorescent light reflected in the epoxy resin.  I haven't polished or clearcoated it yet!

I plan to paint the greyish "stripe" that appears on the rear of the fibre piece.

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