Saturday, July 13, 2013

Quick Update

Got the alu parts back from the local machinist (a retired fella with a garage full of machines... the BEST guy to know in a situation like this... cash transactions, and a fraction of the price of a machine shop!).  I asked the round rod to be bored to 20mm for the axle, and then the plate opened up for an interference fit for the round rod.  Then I could take it home, and adjust the offset of the plate to suit the rear rotor.
It turned out the pieces fit so well that on the machinist's suggestion, I put the plate in the oven and the round rod in the freezer.  After 20 minutes, the rod slipped into the hole.  Wait another 5 and they weren't solid, but with a bit of pressure on the vice, they would move/slide back and forth.  The perfect scenario that would allow me to find the correct offset, and then have it welded in place.

I didn't take any pics, but there is an offset difference/variance between the stock ex wheels and the Carrozeria wheels.  Not enough to see with the large rear caliper (the pads likely adjust to suit), but it is noticeable with the wee AJP caliper.  Considering I need this caliper to work with both sets of wheels, the end result will likely mean some machining of the rotor mount face on the ex wheel.  Perhaps a fabrication tolerance, but it will make a difference... from my eyeball guess, about 1mm needs to be shaved off.  A wintertime project for sure.  While I might update this project, it won't be finished during this race season, as I will focus on other things, rather than running around getting things machined, especially something as big and complicated as a rear wheel!  Round 4 next weekend...

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