Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Pistons In (sorta)

Back in 2006 when I rebuilt my Ducati 900ss engine, it was recommended I get the cylindered refreshed by Millennium Technologies.  At the time they were sponsoring AMA bikes (Aprilia v-twins), and surprisingly, the Canadian reps were only a few hours away.  The end result was an engine that made 85 hp at the rear wheel -- pretty good for a carbed supersport.  I realized that these cylinders should receive the same treatment, and so I contact Fast Enterprises just outside of Winnipeg.  A quick turn around saw them back in my hands earlier this week.  Even better, Kelly at Fast gave me a racer discount, which of course is nice on the pocketbook.
Surprisingly, when I checked the ring end gap against the manual, none of the rings needed any adjustment.  I actually did each one 2-3 times to be sure, but all were within spec.  With that taken care of, I installed the pistons on the rods, with the rings.  I am now just waiting for a piston ring compressor tool to come in, and I will install the cylinders.
Would have loved to show the bore detail, but I am still using a crap camera for now...

Awaiting the proper tool.  I did try to install the cylinders without a ring compressor, but gave up... for about $25, it makes sense to have the proper tool on hand.  The manual calls for diagonally placed studs to guide the cylinder onto the case.  Makes sense!

Canadian customers call Fast Enterprises at:  204-895-1727.  The website is at the right...

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