Sunday, June 30, 2013


Idle time allows me to scheme... for good, not for evil.  Some internet trolling allowed me to come across this bike, a tt racer from the UK (of course).
I'd like to think my R6 rad is nice and big, but this is at least double the size of that once again.  There's been some interesting subframe work at the back (as well as the front fairing stay), but it does run an evo minitwin exhaust as well.  The limited footage I've seen of the NW200 and IOM shows the KMR kawasakis have yet another manifestation of an exhaust system.  Half the frontrunners had a minitwin exhaust, the others had something that looked a little traditional...

This is my hero, Jeremy McWilliams at the Northwest this year.  Check out his exhaust... Ryan is no dummy, so this must have some sort of benefit from the previous design.  Hmmm, looks a lot like my homemade Muzzy/Scorpion system.

The last idea involves the rear caliper, trying to shed some more weight from the axles of the bike.  I was able to pick up one of these AJP calipers from a Sherco trials bike for cheap.  It weighs next to nothing! Just need to fabricate a spacer/hanger that will work with the ex650.  I've got a couple of options for mounting, but will play around with wood first.


Mick-e said...

we just did our own version of the R6 radiator. We took a slightly different approach than yours, but it's working nicely. I need to post up some pics of the Rad, and the air ducts I did. by no means ram air, but it does seem to help get more cool air where it's needed. I've drooled a couple of times over the radiators on the euro race bikes. Those look like full on superbike radiators. I too have been looking at rear brake calipers. I kept looking at scooter brakes. I'm looking forward to see what you come up with.

The Kids Cafe said...

Thanks, Mick. I should have some interim pics up shortly. Heading to the machinist's today.