Sunday, June 16, 2013


Got some time this past weekend to do some more work on the engine.  By the time I was finished, the case halves were together, the oil pump installed, the transmission put in, as well as the oil pump chain and part of the clutch assembly.  I also got the oil pan on as well.
As any hotrodder knows, all the expensive bits are on the inside!  My beautiful polished, lightened, knife edged, balanced crank...  At least you can still see the rods poking up.  Stock, yes, but they've been peened and polished as well.  Soon they will disappear under the cylinder.  New cam chain in place as well.  Odd shape of bottom end necessitates some creative use of 2x4 bocks.

Round 1 (for me) comes up in a week -- the reality is, it is round 3 in the series... the trip to the 'states and a busy May at work put paid to the opening two races.  Being the type A personality I am, I've already started to assemble all the stuff I need to take to the races in the livingroom.  Bike, spares, and tools remain outside, although the tires are still in the basement...

I also realize I never posted a pic of my other winter project, my Kawasaki ZX-RR MotoGP machine.  Another Tamiya model.  I think they are getting better as I go along... although I cheated a bit and bought an aftermarket detail kit, that uses metal parts for the suspension... tough to get the right paint color that matches a fork tube or the Ohlins remote resevoir on a rear shock...

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