Saturday, March 9, 2013

Talking Heads

I think I just dated myself with that musical reference... at least I am on a road to... somewhere.  The postman dropped off a heavy box from Blighty yesterday... my tuned cylinder head has returned from RLR performance.  You may recall a previous post wherein I described my decision to send the ex cylinder head across the pond to Rick Leddy.  He performed the requested service, including a cylinder head job (intake, and a slight shave to bump up compression), Kent cams, valve shims, valve springs and titanium retainers, and a new set of valves.
This is what the stock intake port looked like before I sent it.

Here it is returned, with the intake manifold matched to improve flow.

The Kent cams have slotted gears, in order to perfect the valve timing.  I need to do some research as to what the best "numbers" are.

The answer might be in here -- haven't gone through it yet.  Look like I might need to beg or borrow a degree wheel!

I've heard in other news, RLR are going to build a CBR500 for John McGuinness to race in this year's Isle of Man.  If the information is correct, I think Rick has his work cut out for him... but if anyone could succeed, it might be them... they do have two Lightweight TT wins already, with McPint on the VFR400.

RLR have a lot of other tuning options available, for the ex650 as well as other bikes.  Check out their site at:

Again, due to the expense of these engine mods, my hope is to have this engine fitted and ready to roll for the 2014 season.  Unless I win the lottery, I don't have the time or funds to put together the bottom end to my ideal goals right away.  Next stop... Falicon or Yoshimura?

Oh yeah -- have you checked out the counter?  30,000 hits!!!  Be sure to vote on Rossi's fortunes in MotoGp this season as well.

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