Thursday, March 28, 2013

New Skins

A box full of goodies arrived from Pilot Leathers today.  Couldn't wait to try them on.
As you can see, all of the sponsor patches as requested were sewn on, as well as my family nickname, "beans".  It is so nice to get into a proper fitting suit.  Room for a chest and back protector, but without too-long arms or tight legs.  The knee pads on the inside of the suit actually stay where they are supposed to.  I can get in and out of it without greasing myself up, or wearing a skins style under suit.  The knee sliders are actually where knee sliders are supposed to go.  I was pretty nervous/excited to pull them on for the first time, and thrilled that they fitted as advertised.

This is Pilot's top of the line suit, which was custom-made based on sizing specs I provided.  It isn't too difficult, as Kate simply took the measurements with a proper measuring tape, and I included 6 pics of my body profile as well.  As you have read, they then send proofs of the design for final approval.  The butt is baggy standing up, but in a racing crouch, it takes up the slack without strangling your neck.  For the additional cost (which is nominal, all things considered) it is worth it, unless you are a normal sized, off-the-rack person.  I am not.  Collin and the crew at Pilot are awesome to deal with, and patiently answered my several emails.  I can't recommend them highly enough!  Click on the link at the right to check out their site.  Can't wait until I get to try them on the track!  Note the correct race number font AND the Piston Broke Racing logo!  Do I look like a factory rider or what???

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