Thursday, December 13, 2012

More Sponsorship News!

Piston Broke Racing is proud to announce that Carrozzeria Wheels has come on board as a sponsor!  A set of V-track forged wheels are inbound for the ex650 racer!  I am pretty thrilled to be getting the "only" set of purpose-built wheels for the Kawasaki EX650.  As it stands, no other aftermarket wheel manufacturer offers "bespoke" wheels for the 650.  I will be sure to post photos of the wheels when they arrive, and provide my initial impressions.  Of course, I eagerly await trying them for the first time "in anger" when I hit the track in the spring.
Those of you who are serious about racing the Ninja 650 should consider this wheelset.  Please be sure to check out the link on the right, as well as the following video.

Note that there are 4 more videos that detail the suspension setup changes required when you lop significant pounds of rotating mass off of your bike!

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