Sunday, December 9, 2012

fairing option

Idle time is dangerous for me... I need to be working on something in my spare time or else I go a bit bonkers.  As such, I was staring at the supermono bodywork that is now surplus to my needs, and did some wondering.  While the full fairing would definitely not fit at all around the wider frame, engine, and radiator, perhaps trimming it a bit and coming up with some sort of bikini-style upper would work.  I decided to test-fit the fairing stay (which was modified to fit with the Cagiva Mito frame) and sure enough, the bolt holes lined up perfectly!  It was off-centre, but a bit of metalworking and some welding sorted that.  Still in the original paint scheme, but ready to be primed, it looks as so:

Screen not added, but it does mount on the stay, along with two aluminum tabs along the sides of the frame.  This, along with the full-length lower fairing I am making (from scratch) might help a bit in the aerodynamics department.

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