Friday, August 26, 2011

Round 4 Results

Another decent weekend -- sorry no vids as the batteries died in the camera.  AJ was out taking pics, so there should be his usual good stuff to come shortly.


Practice went well; interstingly, I went faster Saturday morning than I did all weekend (by fractions of seconds).  Happily, I got into the 1:09s on the mono -- a 1:09.288 -- actually the 12-fastest bike out in that session -- not bad.  It was a goal to get into the single digit times and I'm happy I did.  Another goal I set for myself was to get into the 1:05 bracket on the 650 -- my onboard timer indicated a 1:05.988, but mylaps claims it was actually a 1:06.083.... next weekend, then.  Most importantly, I could string together a series of 1:06s so that lowered my overall race distance time is much faster.

Race 1:  Cdn Thunder GP:  15 laps

An eventful race:  in 4th on lap 3, and 4th place rider goes down in turn 3.  His bike started to spin, and I actually glanced off the front windscreen taking evasive action.  Missed the rider and the bike itself, but had to take to the grass.  Luckily the race was red-flagged, rider was OK.  On the restart, got a great start and was in 3rd when Wilson went down behind me try to pass (he got a bad start).  Left me alone in 3rd... part way through the remaining laps, my clutch cover guard fell off and smacked me in the leg -- I spent a few laps trying to figure out what happened and lost some time.  However when I realized the issue wasn't major, I put my head down and consolidated my podium with a 10 second gap to 4th.  Happy result!

Race 2:  ULGP #1:  12 laps

Another uneventful race, except for the crazy wind.  Blowing so hard that my lap times were negatively affected -- a huge headwind down the front straight, but I still beat the other experts, although the bloody rs250 got me again.  1st expert however.

Race 3:  ULGP #2:  8 laps

Shortened due to horrible weather -- gale force winds and intermittent rain, no fun on slicks.  My main competition for the title parked his slick-shod bike, so I went out, tiptoed around to 2nd place, and therefore locked up the ULGP expert championship with 1 round to spare.  Mission accomplished.  Hopefully the Husky is a match for the 250 two-strokes next year!

Race 4:  Cdn Thunder #2:  10 laps

An awesome race against Jason.  I feel really comfortable racing against him in close quarters -- ran 1:06s nearly the entire race, and actually turned faster lap times, but he just beat me for 4th by 0.230 of a second.  Woulda loved to get that one on video -- will remember to check the batteries next round!

Race 5:  Cdn Thunder #3:  10 laps

A poor race for me overall -- went wide around another rider, couldn't make the pass stick, and Jason got by both of us on the inside.  Spent the remainder of the race trying to get by, but eventually gave up, lagged back, let the top novice racer by, and then tried to turn some quick laps in the end.  Not happy with myself, but I need to remember that a stupid risky pass is not worth a $2 trophy.

Other news:

Here is a pic of the paintwork as it continues on the Husky:
Also, I am now convinced that the total lack of aerodymics is holding me back in a closly-matched class such as Canadian Thunder. Gary from sold me a set of used bodywork, properly made by catalyst for the ex, and mimics the 636 fairing (even uses the 636 screen). Got the upper, lower, screen, and stay. Won't be here in time for the final round, but can spend the off-season mounting it and painting it to match.

The stainless J-bends came in and I dropped them off at Cycleboys -- just need the 2-1 piece and Brent can start fabricating.

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