Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New Steed

Here are a few teaser pics of the bike, taken from the Crashedtoys website.  It's in my garage, and already stripped down quite a bit.  I'll start another blog on that machine shortly, and have a link to this and my RC51 site.

Low miles -- only 6176!!

Damage is almost purely cosmetic -- side fairings, tail, etc.  Shift and brake pedals are dented as well.

This alternator cover is scratched up as well, but no oil leaks -- some paint will take care of it, if I even bother...

Considering the condition, and the price I got it for, I can't believe it was written off.  I may keep track of the costs publicly, but for now, I can say that I got it for 1/10th the price new... do the math!

The plan it to try to get it on track as inexpensively as possible.  Things like a decent shock and a USD front end will cost, as well as some machining work to the front wheel.  However, I'm gonna avoid going the full-fairing direction and create a machine similar to this ER6n that was raced in Europe.  I've already found cheaper options to the side fairings, the headlight/bikini fairing, and am angling for a bellypan I can modify to make oil-retaining.  I'm also going to see if I can fabricate a home-grown slip-on, using the zx10 TwoBros muffler I had from the supermono.  I've changed the oil and fired up the bike, and it seems to run nice, at least on the stand... stay tuned.

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