Sunday, January 17, 2010


After the first two sessions of "Bike Club", the 'mono has begun to come together again.  It's been a fun experience... some great questions from the kids, and a few funny stories as well.  In some cases, it has been a lesson of "stop, take it all apart, and start again"... although the tendency to quit when it doesn't go right the first time has been apparent.  Its stuff like this that teaches persistence... "nothing worth doing comes easy, right?"

Very quickly we got to this point, part way through the second bike club session.  The lads did a lot of the work themselves, with some direction from me.  You'll notice that the subframe has been cut down quite a bit -- this is to allow the RS125 tail to fit.  As well, you can see the new Magura radial front master cylinder (16mm).

You can see me in the background attacking the tail section with a dremel.  Again, one student was shocked that a new piece from a different bike didn't just slide into place.  From my perspective, the 45 mins of measuring, cutting, and fitting (and re-fitting, and....) went surprisingly well!

Tail on the bike -- I think I'll be able to use a section of the ex250 seat pan to smooth the transition from the seat to the tank -- should look much better.  This is when we quit on Friday -- around 5:15pm -- notice that it is already dark outside through the windows!

The other good thing a few extra sets of hands are helpful for is measuring.  I had to custom-make a throttle cable, so I mated it to a Domino GP throttle, and then soldered on a new end (I bought a kit from the UK).  For those that have done this before, the satisfaction of self-sufficiency is very.... satisfying.  I made this!  Here's hoping it holds together!

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