Friday, August 21, 2009


Due to the horrible weather at the last round, I was unable to get the bike out on track. The rain ended up delaying a number of events, and so priority fell with the riders and racers who had signed up for the weekend. Rain fell on both days, with lightning in the morning on Saturday, and rain and ice pellets falling so hard on Sunday afternoon that I ended up cancelling the last 2 feature races. These will have to be run on Saturday of the September round. I'll leave it up to the MRA exec to figure out that scheduling nightmare. I'll haul it out again to the next round... I'll need a combination of good weather and some luck to get out.
The last of the 900ss is on eBay right now -- from the bottom end to the frame. A real "fire sale". The bike, like all the bikes I had, was a learning experience. This machine was also memorable in that it proved to be an excellent racebike as well. I'll miss it.

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