Wednesday, July 1, 2009

More progress

Got the clearcoat finished last weekend, so by today, it had properly cured. Not my best work, but a durable finish for a racebike. The clear covered the rattlecan Krylon quite well, and while the finish isn't consistently glossy throughout, had I wet-sanded and put on a second coat of clear, I think it would have come out (too) nice.

I also ordered a Rizla decal kit off of eBay -- came from the UK. I know I mouthed off about what Rizla papers are (sometimes) used for, but the yellow decals really make the bike stand out. Not sure how many people around here even know what "Rizla" is... so I decided to leave it as is.

I spent most of today trying to get the 40mm CVK carburetor working properly. When it did, the bike ran beautifully. However, there is a bizzare flooding problem going on -- perhaps a stuck float? Either way, it was so flooded the last time (after I had shut it off) that it was fully upright, yet fuel was flowing out the tip-over hose... so I put the stock carb back on, with the needle jet spaced upwards to deal with the lean condition I noticed the last time I was at Gimli.

The plan this upcoming weekend is to lash it down to the trailer again and haul it out to the track for the second round of testing. Might have time to put the manual cam chain tensioner on -- seems like a very simple process. Already have the tach/water temp guage in place, and it seems to run cool enough -- on the stand at idle! We'll see how hot it gets when the engine is revved up somewhat.

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